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How to be the BEST Sports mom out there! - Charlie Rae

How to be the BEST Sports mom out there!

So, you want to be a good sports mom? Well, strap on your sweatbands and get ready for a wild ride! Being a sports mom is a thrilling experience that will test your patience, sanity, and ability to resist yelling at the ref. Let's dive into the sarcastic world of being a good sports mom.

First things first, a good sports mom is an expert at multitasking. You'll need to master the art of juggling schedules, snacks, and an endless supply of mismatched socks. Forget about having a social life or personal time because your child's sports activities will become your entire existence. Oh, the joy!

Next up, a good sports mom should always remember that the game is all about them. Forget about the other kids on the team; it's your child who deserves all the attention, trophies, and MVP titles. Make sure to loudly cheer every time they even touch the ball, regardless of whether it was a colossal fail or an epic win. Because we all know that your child is destined to become the next sports superstar, right?

Now, let's talk about sportsmanship. A good sports mom should teach their child how to be a gracious winner and a sore loser. Encourage them to gloat when they win and throw a tantrum when they lose. Who needs humility and respect when you can teach your child to be a little diva on the field? It's all about building character, after all!

Oh, and don't forget about the importance of parental rivalries. A good sports mom should engage in fierce battles with other parents, fighting tooth and nail to defend their child's honor. Remember, it's not about the game; it's about proving that your child is superior to everyone else's. Trash talk, dirty looks, and passive-aggressive comments are the weapons of choice in this arena. Go get 'em, tiger!

In addition, a good sports mom should always be the coach's worst nightmare. Make sure to question every decision they make, scream instructions from the sidelines, and provide unsolicited advice during halftime. After all, you've watched enough professional sports on TV to become an expert strategist, right? Who needs a coaching certification when you have a remote control?

Lastly, a good sports mom should never, ever take a break. You must attend every single practice, game, and tournament, even if it means canceling your own dentist appointment or missing out on that much-needed spa day. Your life revolves around your child's sports schedule, and the sacrifices you make will surely be appreciated... or not.

So there you have it, the guide to being a good sports mom. Remember, laughter is the best medicine, and a good dose of sarcasm can lighten the intense world of youth sports. Enjoy the chaos, embrace the craziness, and may the sports gods be ever in your favor!
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